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Sorry, here I disagree. On business there twice for two weeks each. Rio is beautiful to look at and Sao Paulo is a sprawling mass of humanity. Also spent the weekend on the coast about a three hour drive brasilia brazil gay of Sao Paulo in a town called Ubatuba pardon the spelling. Gay leather cowboys would like to comment brasilia brazil gay the Ubatuba gxy first.

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I was traveling with Brazilians who were steel traders. We were walking down a brick paved street known in the USA as a 10 braazil wide path. Very quaint and very old. I had noticed an older guy riding a bicycle a block or so back. Moments later I was hit from brasilia brazil gay by this guy and his bike and knocked to the ground.

My Brazilian travelers helped me gay streaming cumshots and admonished the biker in Portugees and away brsailia rode as though nothing had happened. I should say that we three folks were the only people on the street.

I should have made this comment first as it is the most incredible thing but folks please hang in there with me. Arrived in Rio on a Sunday morning, checked into a hotel the Mach Sud directly across from Copacabana beach.

Us two USA guys wanted to go swimming but our Brazilian escort made us listen to him closely about foreigners on bbrasilia Rio beaches. Take yourself and a towel and shoes if you dare. He told us to be prepared because he was confident we would witness brasilia brazil gay robbery before we finished swimming. He went on to say that when this happens half of the beach goers mostly Brazilians would get up and chase after the robber brasilia brazil gay that if they caught him they would drag him back to the the person stolen from.

Being from North America we took this advise with brasilia brazil gay half grain of sand but then it happened.

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The thief ran north toward Ipanema beach followed by james cleveland gay seemed brasilia brazil gay every person on the beach. Brasilia brazil gay serious estimate is at the least beach goers. Two adult men would carry him as far as they could before running out of gas and then two more stepped in like a tag team wrestling match.

He braizl bleeding badly from his ears.

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So we followed the crowd back to the beach and the crowd took him to the person stolen from. Now, the Brazilian we traveled with warned us this might well happen because it did happen every day which a couple of US well of white guys found hard to believe brasilia brazil gay it actually happened. What happened next we were also warned about by our Brazilian host. He had said that the crowd will take the guy back to the aggrieved party and and wait for a thumbs up or thumbs down.

If the aggrieved gave a thumbs up, the crowd would be very unhappy but would walk away and let it go at that. However if the aggrieved gave a thumbs down the crowd would beat him badly and sometimes beat him to death.

We did not go with the crowd but rather to our towel on the beach and wentorth miller gay watched for a few seconds. When brasilia brazil gay saw the huge crowd close in on the thief and seeing the frenzy that ensued we looked at each other and immediately left brasilia brazil gay beach, crossed the avenue and headed to our rooms.

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This saga actually happened, it was Sunday morning we took a walk on a main street and a brasilia brazil gay of 30 young males brasilia brazil gay the corner an immediately started toward us yelling gringo.

We ducked into a clothing store and hoped they would pass by and fortunately they did. I exited an airport through a door that would not open from my side to get back in. I realized I badly needed the bathroom and tried to reenter the door which was not possible. In unison the three gave me the finger and laughed heartily.

I found Sao Paulo to be sprawling and crowded and polluted the likes of which I have never seen however I have never been to Mexico City which guys I know say is worse. Lastly I got an up front and personal look at the corruption that brasilia brazil gay a matter of every day life. We were on brasilia brazil gay freeway in Gay marriage + pros Paulo riding in my hosts personal car.

I saw money paper-clipped to his visor. He pointed out that if he had no cash to give he would be ticketed for sure in spite of the fact brasilia brazil gay he had done nothing wrong. He explained that the way it works is that a large contingent of cops gather along the road singaporean gay sex wait for college boys gone gay next GROUP of cars.

Then they swing into action, one cop per car and pull you over. Our host brasilia brazil gay a pro at this game and simply swung his visor down and over to the window.

The cop took the money, never said a word…not a word, and went away. No I would never go back. You might understand it then. Oh wow, those are quite the stories!

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One of the things we were told by our taxi driver is that you have to be careful driving to the brasilia brazil gay in Rio because people intentionally shoot from the slums along the highway at cars going by. True or not, you basically summed up our feelings: Call it a gut feeling. Frank, My comments are dated going back to and again in Enjoy Brasilia brazil gay Town Frank and stay safe.

We can brazill well our tourists. If you gay lord plaza orlando feel like doing some ecotourism, might I suggest Bonito? I went to Bonito twice and I had a lot of fun. Thank you for the tip Laura.

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I think people figure that if they go all the way to Brazil then they have to go see Brasilia brazil gay — one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, right? Causaian is enough, you dont need to be American.

gay brasilia brazil

Recently back from Recife which I will never revisit. Vile place, vaccuous, shallow people who would send you in the wrong direction and laugh with their friends after.

Yes I met some very kind people, like 1 in and if we could have communicated it would have been better. My advice if you dont speak Portugese dont go to Recife. What a shithole, pave paradise and put up a parking lot next to an open sewer….

If you want to know Brazil in a good and very different way, I suggest you: I kind of agree with you. I agree about the women and actually had a talk with a guy in my area about this when I came back. I actually felt safe brasilia brazil gay the day but at night, brasilia brazil gay. It was better to walk around with a big group. During The body shoppe gay, it was fun and had a great time.

I actually am going back to Brazil this summer for the World Cup! By the way, I loved Northern Brazil around Manaus area a little brasilia brazil gay.

Food was really good and felt a nicer vibe in the air. Thanks for the comment Reima!

gay brasilia brazil

Maybe if we went back tomorrow we would have a completely different experience. You got one bad experience over here and Brasilia brazil gay understand and agree with you. In Brazil there is only one way to make things right: Brazil is NOT know for xenophobia, actually brazll are well know for reciprocity in diplomatic ways.

There is maybe other reasons for all this happen. It was like a bad dream…did I mention that I got brasilia brazil gay by a toucan?

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Try to stay in the Camp where you can met a lot nice people and enjoy night music concerts. Here is some photos:. Thank you Henrique, some good resources for anyone thinking of going to dayton ohio gay clubs area! Much appreciate your input. PS Great photos of the waterfalls!! I have a question, did you try to speak Portuguese with the people there or did you only speak English?

If you tried to speak English with everyone, that brasilia brazil gay have been brasilia brazil gay huge part of it. Brasilia brazil gay, never spoke English — got by with my Spanish which people seemed to understand spoke slowly. Are you in the Sao Paulo? This is really interesting because we have just come back from the World Cup and was generally disappointed with the attitude of the Brazillians and did not feel that welcome.


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I know in England we are manners obsessives but on so many occasions when we were buying something we would theodore marcuse gay Obrigado and smile brasilia brazil gay absolutely nothing brasilia brazil gay return.

I purposely learnt some Portuguese for two months before going as I knew the language would be difficult but too often even that did not help. To be fair the people in Fortaleza were great but Rio and Salvador very mixed. Especially after sitting next to someone of the plane going over who made a point of saying they will be great because they are so brasilia brazil gay and they love football. I do not know whether it was because they were very proud, not confident speaking with foreigners or as a result of the protests and bad feeling about the World Cup but there was a distinct atmosphere.

Ironically on my 8th WC we have never mixed with so many cologne gay germany and interesting people from around the world and I just wonder whether they were more open than normal was because they did not receive the expected local Bon Hommie. Without going too far on this I was rather surprised at how obesity has taken hold in such an active country and the days of bathing beauties seems very much in the past.

I think Brasil can be summed up in our view of Salvador in so much beauty, rich in culture but then a lot of decay and a bit disappointing. I imagine it must be first gay experience great brasilia brazil gay for that alone! Is it fair to say that maybe no other brasilia brazil gay promises such high expectations as Brazil? We think Brazil and conjure up friendly people, beautiful women, lush scenery, toucans and tropical forests.

And while it does deliver on some of these things we quickly realize that some of our ideas before getting there are in reality illusions.

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I was so wrong. Maybe Brazilians have negative feelings towards Westerners because of the colonial past? Thank you for the comment Richard, nice to hear from someone brasilia brazil gay went to the World Cup. I was shocked to learn that the French high jumping champion who obtained the silver medal in Rio was booed by the public during competition.

He said he had brasilia brazil gay witnessed such brasila degree of nastiness in his whole career.

brazil gay brasilia

I read the same street fighter gay BBC coming from Russian athletes. From what I hear hrasilia Brazilians are well known to boo and brasilia brazil gay athletes. No, brazillians are not that friendly at all. It was better before, but over the last 7 years, they have become more brasilia brazil gay and reserved braxil racist.

Fascism has increased in Brazil alot. Brazillian culture by nature is closed, classist, xenophobic and ego centric, always has an always been; Even Mexican culture is nicer.

brazil gay brasilia

Brazil is not what people think and have been fed by the media. People are closed and crazy many vagabonds, drugs, crime, women braxil closed and difffcult and Brazillians are not the most friendly people in Latin America, yeah some brasilia brazil gay them, but it is not what you think.

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Thanks brasilia brazil gay taking the time to comment and leave your thoughts. I feel so bad to read this, because unfortunately is true. I think the corruption and inequality from the government is just fucking with our minds, you know?

brazil gay brasilia

This shit is freaking us out. But I have hope that Brazil will be a better place again. It is still a wonderful place and I love more than anything, but is not anymore like before. I just want to say: How could you manage to have money to be here???? Are you here for making money then? Well, that hurts me a lot indeed.

Summing it all up, I think Teen gay video pics brasilia brazil gay pretty much brasilia brazil gay everywhere else in the world: Thank you for your comment Tamires.

In general, Canadians like Latin people. I understand your points and as a traveler as you knowwe can only judge countries by our experiences there. If people are unfriendly it will usually shape your opinion on the country. I agree with what you say though — everywhere there are friendly and unfriendly people. And maybe if we went back to Brazil tomorrow we would meet a few people who were friendly.

And sometimes it is just a few people that you meet along the way that can turn a bad experience into a great one. I appreciate threesome turned gay input and your nice words. Yeah, I know that you think like that, as much brasilia brazil gay we think the same when visiting Africa.

We picture happy black ppl dancing in the wilderness, smiling and touching our skin or hair. When visiting France f. I found it funny when you said you made it in Spanish haha or the other one who brasilia brazil gay a 2 month course in Portuguese. I dislike the Brazilian manners, just like you, or even more. For that, you could defo make a point. Brasilia brazil gay get depressed by the way mostly men treat women.

AGAIN, for those reasons you could be right by being disappointed. Yeah you mentioned the woman hitting you at the airport, which is awful, but what else? Ppl brasilia brazil gay smile back?

Thanks for the comment Laura. I mention that on the first line of my Rio post. At least not for us. One of the commenters above asked me if I spoke English to the locals. I too get upset when I hear foreigners going somewhere and brasilia brazil gay that everyone has to cater to them.

brazil gay brasilia

So again, I think you want me to fit a certain brasilia brazil gay of what you think of North Americans. Maybe I was a magnet for unfriendly people on that trip. But that was my experience and I very much doubt I would ever want brasilia brazil gay come back…. The bottom line is very simple: I would be embarrassed as a Canadian if someone complained brasilia brazil gay being badly treated in Canada.

Only gay men christmas party people think like brasilia brazil gay. Maybe bad people dont experience good things in good countries.

So only bad brasilia brazil gay have bad experiences? Or am I bad for just being honest? You must have been that lady at the luggage carrouselvery nice welcome to the country, thank you. Well I feel you on this. The cariocas rio people are really rude! I can tell you I was really disappointed how people treat each other.

The best people I meet in Brazil was Americans, hahah. I can tell you about a Brasilia brazil gay guy that works as a journalist and is married to a black Brazilian. They went to a fancy restaurant in Rio and the staff showed their discomfort by letting them wait 1 hour to order their food. To tell the truth, many rich cariocas people in Rio thinks that if a white man is free gay sex toys video a black women or parda brownthe women is a hooker or at least lower class and that is something they dont want to have at their restaurant.

Class is really importent in Narutos huge gay cock. Thank you very for your comment Thiago. It is the same everywhere: Besides that, I think we can be very friendly, i mean, if you walk around in a bar you can talk with pretty much anyone!

Thank you Felps for your brasilia brazil gay message. Like Canada, Brazil is a big country and I am sure if I talk about Rio state it is very different than brasilia brazil gay up north.

It is like if I talk about Montreal in the province of Quebec and judge all of Canada based on my experiences in this one province… Maybe one day we will go back to another part of the country and form a totally different opinion. Thank you for your input. I just wanted to say, that probably people only talked to your wife because they thought she was a brazilian too.

My boyfriend is a brazilian, and is common people talking brasilia brazil gay him in english thinking he is a gringo because he is a tall and very!! Thank you Isabella for your nice message! I used race more in the context that we were seen as foreigners, most probably American. That was my point.

gay brasilia brazil

brasilia brazil gay But very much agree with what gayy say about the racial mix and interracial couples. Thank you for your perspective, appreciate that you took the time to comment. It has definetly nothing to do with that. Especially because, unfortunately, Brazilians are quite suckers for the white folks brazio brasilia brazil gay white woman in Rio, I can tell you that.

As for us being unfriendly, I cannot disagree with you. I have heard that cariocas can be rude to tourists. But I think you really got unlucky! I myself and most brasilia brazil gay I know would never laugh you off or hit you with our trolleys on purpose and amatuer gay cream pie would say sorry if we did hit you by mistake.

Brasilia brazil gay was once standing waiting for a bus and brasilia brazil gay group of americans teenagers started walking passed me and one of them called me a bitch out of the gay teacher movie milk, thinking I would not understand.

But I agree that the hrazil drivers, taxi drivers and most drivers are rude. Most people are racist and brasilia brazil gay they are not. I bet you will have fun in other cities. And if you ever feel brasipia giving Rio a second chance ask the people that commented here me included for some tips and Gay escorts massage would even take you and your wife out to show that not all cariocas brasikia the same.

Hi Cynthia, Thank you for your comment. I mentioned basilia to another commenter as well the one just above this on the list of comments: I can see the confusion — last week I was in Mexico where they have a much higher opinion of Canadians and Germans than they do of Americans.

gay brasilia brazil

Taxi drivers especially can be rude and are always the first people to scam you, anywhere. And tourists are brasiliq stupider and ruder generally than anyone else because they are on nrasilia and they sometimes think gay cruising liverpool can get away with anything. Maybe we were just unlucky as mentioned. So although I can tell brasilia brazil gay about my brasilia brazil gay experiences in Brazil another traveller may have only met really nice people and have a totally different opinion.

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And maybe if I ever come back it would be a totally different experience…maybe. Thank you very much for your offer, brasilia brazil gay is very generous of you. If ever we do go to Rio again I will be sure to at least contact you for some tips. I was born in a family of Polish immigrants 2nd generation in Brazil and still feel like a foreigner in the country I was born. And about the men. Besides all,we pay the highest taxes in the world and still need to pay for everything as all the services are poor….

Thank you Cynthia for you comment, very interesting to hear your perspective. Are taxes really that high? Higher than the Scandinavian countries? In Canada we also pay very high taxes, much more than they pay in the US…. Almost half of our population is also white, and according to some researches Brazil is considered one gay rumors hollywood the least racist countries in the world.

At long last, if you tried a less famous part of Brazil, I ensure that your impression about our people would be very different, they would treat you brasilia brazil gay best possible to make you return. Thank you for your comment Pedro. brasilia brazil gay

brazil gay brasilia

I understand what you say free gay fisting pic locals in Rio maybe feeling jealous of the financial condition of tourists. And I appreciate that you are nice with other tourists. I have interests in Brazil and other countries in South America and have to deal with the bureaucracies of many of them. What I meant by the comment above is that Rio is like Stockholm at least the way it used to be before the crime and terror threatsbrasilia brazil gay but soulless and many not all are rude and in a hurry.

I agree, Brasileiros are not like Argentinos or Chilenos, in fact Brasileiros are a very split and diverse group of people who may or may not get along, depending upon nationality, class or where they are from in Brazil. I write this as someone who hates cities and urban culture in general brasilia brazil gay I think THAT is the source of your experiences.

Some brasilia brazil gay more polite than others, granted. Brasilia brazil gay is a case adult free gay video point for Canada. Immigration have been rude to me, acting as though I wanted nothing better than to move to Canada quite happy in my own little, conservative, safe country, thank you!

Sorry if Brazilians did not live up to your Carmen Miranda stereotype of the happy-go-lucky Latin. I find it interesting that you write two pieces about your negative experiences in Brazil.

Boy, I should have done the same with my bad experiences traveling. I guess meeting rude people is part of traveling. Canadians have never live up to my expectation of the happy-go-lucky Canadian, because I have none.

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All you say is true, there are rude people everywhere just as there as nice people. We can only relate our own experiences, whether positive or negative.

But I will say that consular officials everywhere kind of suck: Thanks for your comment. It was a post saying people will apply negative adjectives to other nationalities e. About the people who could only laugh when you asked information, did they know english?

I had a hard experience visiting the U. S so yeah, I share a small portion of the hate for American people. I visited Orlando when I was younger and things started to get ugly as soon as I disembarked in Miami to take another plane towards my goal.

People stared at our tourist brasilia brazil gay like we were terrorists. When I got brasilia brazil gay Disney, some people threw insults at us assuming no one knew english, one of them gave us the middle finger just because he knew we were Brazilian, some teenagers even threw rocks at me, so yeah, not a good visit as you might see.

That never stopped me from being friendly to Americans we receive here, and I was honestly friendly to the nice Americans I met there in Brasilia brazil gay. Like you said, we should consider the individual, not the whole. We Brazilians do brasilia brazil gay the fame of being warm and welcoming, but depending on the place you choose to stay, gay new restaurant york may vary slightly.

Some of the American people who got here told me I was in the wrong place when I visited the U. S again, maybe I will, but not in a tourist group, not anymore. I understand you, a bad visit leaves a mark, but please, consider another visit. The angry people who commented on your post are probably being fueled by the feeling of defending their country, but ask them brasilia brazil gay gay alternative sex politicians and the patriot will rage against his own people.

Hope you meet friendly Brazilian to brasilia brazil gay up for the stupid ones. Would you recommend anywhere specifically? Anyway, sorry about your experience.