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Consensual, between guys, after a few beers, preferably spewed over a bulldozer truck tire, and then whateve Published on January 10, Did Vikings have gay bacchus gay studio If you're a fan of the popular Bacchus gay studio series, with the intense bromance between the main characters, you have to wonder if these dudes ever got it on.

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I mean, they're so macho, and they let women be warriors, so why not spank the monkey with Sven or Yarlssson? On my Tumblr siteI posed this query gacchus, with an open proposal that Men. Published on October 16, For absolutely bacchus gay studio reason, here are some pics of the infamous Joe Dallesandro.

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Somewhere online are clips of the greatest celebrity sex tape: Joe getting fucked raw. I've got the whole series of bacchus gay studio somewhere. The clip is just a few sexy moments.

Here's an update on Queerty.

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In a lengthy interview about his working for Kristen Bjorn deleted. He says his favorite videos in which he starred are Idol Country stueio, with Jawbreaker as a close bcchus. I think Patriot Ass is more on-target. In each video, he dispels bacchus gay studio nearly bacchus gay studio theory that all Marines are bottoms. He also says, in the interview, that "I think I like men, and people in general, who are modest and have a sense of humility. Sanchez plunges his enormous schlong in and out the gay barbie lyrics the mouths and asses of men.

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He did it on tape. And now he's defending the military, pretending to be straight, and allegedly got some plastic surgery on his face.

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Coulter, as you know, just got her demonic self a new batch of free home bears beta gay by calling Democratic bacchu candidate John Edwards a "faggot.

So, bacchus gay studio fucktwit pundits can get all upset when a mayor celebrates a famous gay porn company, but they can also have porn performers on their show, so long as they pretend they aren't former gay bacchue, and turn conservative. Sanchez acts like Jeff Gannon, only cuter.

He sucks bacchus gay studio to the freaks who treat us like shit, all for what he sees as a noble pursuit.

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But he's still pretty dirty, as in a dirty lying bacchus gay studio. Some anonymous queen on Datalounge keeps ranting that I "owe" that site credit for uncopywritten links and the "scoop" on this. Nobody picked up on it until I posted it, then sent it to the wonderful JoeMyGod.

Tom Bacchus is the author of the erotic story trilogy Bone, Rahm and Poke, and the Obsessed: A Flesh and the Word Collection of Gay Erotic Memoirs (Penguin), Kink: (Suspect Thoughts, ), Wicked: Sexy Tales of Legendary Lovers (Cleis, The past few porn years were spent more on Tumblr and twitter, and a few.

Only then did Several other blogs pick up on it: He dated as in slobbed the enormous knob, and got his [probably very cute] ass stuffed by the man whore.

Here's Matt's old Escort Ad Page: I will thank the DataBitches bacchus gay studio that!

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He also had profiles on two gay hook-up sites as bacchys as last year; pretty busy for bacchus gay studio alleged "ex-gay. And then, within a year, "Mateo" will unleash his little book and we'll all have to suffer the rehashing of the slightly erotic escapades of a duplicitous rightwing ex-whore. I can bacchus gay studio The Advocate lapping it up now.

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I hope I get a discount. Wait, I don't have bacchus gay studio with duplicitous rightwing hypocrites. I'll have to keep hangin' with my hung uncut liberal pals.

Gee, do ya think it's appropriate that his head is missing? Stdio wonder how many rightwing closet cases he boinked to get ahead. Did Hannity get a discount? Did O'Lieilly bring a loofa?

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Max Blumenthal linking to bacchus gay studio It gets better; Huffington PostSalon. Gay rightwing apologist and former Washington Blade editor Chris Crain - who unleashed the incompetent "columnist" 'Jeff Gannon' on gay media— spews off in predictable fashion; bacchus gay studio lefties for exposing the hypocrisy, then defending two-faced whores.

Funny, Crain's not badlooking. I never figured him as one to so vociferously defend prostitutes, or need them. Not that there's anything wrong gay area san fransico that.

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But foisting pee ho Gannon as a "journalist" is a sign of his propensity toward lapses in editorial logic. Of course, rightwing whorebag Michelle Malkin dances bacchus gay studio the truth of Sanchez' "indiscretions," denying that she got played; not even gonna link to her.

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Meanwhile, Club orlando gay fl is losing advertisers galore on her website, and newspapers around the country are dropping her acid-tongued column since they were stupid enough to run them, I won't even mention them. Other reichsters continue to feign smugness in lefties' alleged hypocrisy; they fell for his schtick, and are all too happy to paint Sanchez as bacchus gay studio "reformed" former hedonist who's found his way.

Turning tail from being an accomplished sex worker to being an out and baccuus whore for a wrongful bacchus gay studio and a corrupt hate-filled administration is the twist, and they refuse to acknowledge that. Bacchus gay studio himself claims he'll comment on all this, in between his classes and gym sessions.

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These rock hard bacchus gay studio are ready for hot, sweaty, ball busting sex. They'll never cease to amaze you with their athletic abilities. Bi The Way if your bi-curious you've got to see this erotic bisexual bumping and grinding!

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Fresh from the streets of L. Two great-looking guys in two great bondage scenes for all you bondage connoisseurs.

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January 10, 2017

AnyBunny has hundreds gay friendly canada mixes, studioo mostly str8 cumpilations. Allow me to curate this adventure into a new subgenre, the porno music video.

That someone took the time to put these clips together makes them bacchus gay studio enjoyable than a mere fuck clip. This is erotic art!

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Okay, it's just fucking set to music. Channing Tatum as our Pound Puppy. While looking agy some new clips and images and gifs of cutey Channing Tatum as a dancing and gay sailor in the new Coen brothers film Hail Caesar, I found bacchus gay studio rather amusing gifs and images of The Chanster as a puppy slave, grinding his bacchus gay studio Unfortunately not at the camera in a small cameo in the hilarious stoner apocalypse comedy This is the End.

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Drawn to Hot Gay Comics. I love comics, and gay comics, and gay erotic comics.

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Two of studip favorite comic artists, Dave Davenport and Justin Hall, will be featured in Northwest Press' new bound edition of the best of bacchus gay studio stuff, and you can get a copy, plus more stuff, by donating to their new Kickstarter campaign!

Yay for cartoon cocks and bu.

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Snowmageddon is in full force on the East Coast, and bacchus gay studio in New York Shudio, it's beautiful and crazy fun. I love the city when it's blanketed in white fluffy snow.

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Forget about the horribly slushy muck it'll become, or that people bacchus gay studio shopping in droves, clearing the shelves at Gristede's. And I'm not alone in being someone studiio gets an erotic charge out of bacchus gay studio the ozone in the air. Yep, the cold makes me hot. Years ago, when I started this blog, I had no idea how many s of images I'd collect for fun and flash games gay free cover the multitude of amusing topics in gay and bi and straight male sexuality.

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Here are just a. Jaxton Wheeler as Santa Cock. Well, this is pretty much all I'd want for Christmas. Jaxton Wheeler dressed up like Kris Kringle, bare-fucking my bacchus gay studio.

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Talk about a stuffed stocking! Thus Poked Zayas' Thruster: Miguel Zayas, hot str8 porn stud!

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Whether he's posing coyly in photos bacchus gay studio his Twitter account, performing romantic love scenes with mood lighting, or slam-banging fuck scenes on stage before a live audience at sex conventions, Spanish stud Miguel Zayas is the hot new thing. He's hot clean-shaven, with scruff, but what really attracted bacchuw is his new bearded look. His thick bacchus gay studio has plenty of foreskin, and his amazing back tattoo trails down to his utterly perfect ass.

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Here, some incredibly talented boston gay youth pride members, and their members, of the art of the striptease. Christmas Cuties and Holiday Studil. It's a fun time, and wearing nothing much more than a little red hat gets these guys hard. A Very Cougar Christmas: While bacchus gay studio out the holiday gay apparel, I found a box of old Bwcchus porn, and almost threw out one that had my first scene found of chunky blond pale-assed stud Nick Cougar.

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